Academics & Programs

St. Joseph Catholic School’s academic curriculum follows the rigorous standards set by the Diocese of Charleston and exceeds the standards set by the state of South Carolina.

What separates us from other schools:

  • Student/Teacher ratio of 15:1
  • Safe and welcoming environment
  • STEM Certified – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
  • Superior and proven remote learning platform
  • Faith based education and moral development
  • K4 First Step Free Tuition program
  • Each student receives access to educational devices
  • Promethean boards in every classroom
  • Outdoor classroom
  • Field trips
  • Enrichment Clubs
  • School projects and Community Service
  • Annual Science/Curriculum Fair
  • Intervention and Enrichment (Bilingual)
  • Tri County Therapy partner for physical and occupational therapy

All Grades receive instruction weekly in:

  • STREAM + Music/Choir, Spanish, Art, and Physical Education (recess daily)
  • Sadlier Math proven curriculum using the spiral approach to learning
  • Hands-on Science Labs
  • Instruction in cursive writing

Middle School additionally receives:

  • Honors classes in Math, Spanish, and English Language Arts
  • Composition skills with writing lab
  • Public speaking skills
  • Academic Competitions, including Oratorical Contests, and Geography and Spelling Bees

Map Testing


Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts, and Math – STREAM

We integrate STEM into our program from K4 through 8th grade.  STEM is about helping students to learn how to solve real-world problems in teams.  As part of this, they use the Engineering Design Method to learn how to analyze, imagine, and build solutions.

However, life is more than just technical problems to be solved.  At our school with the integration of religion and the arts, STEM becomes STREAM.  Through religion, students evaluate moral and ethical questions and think about the good of society and human dignity.  Through the arts, students gain appreciation of the beauty around them and are encouraged to explore both the visual and performing arts.

STREAM allows us to teach subjects from across the curriculum to help students make links and see new relationships.  It prepares students for future careers, but most importantly, it prepares them to live as contributing and virtuous citizens.

Music & Performing Arts

Choir – Students 4th – 8th Grade participate in Choir.  They perform during the school year and at several Masses during the school year.

Christmas Program – All students participate in the annual Christmas Program.  By singing, dancing, acting, narrating, and playing instruments, the story of Jesus’ birth is brought to life.

Additional programs are held throughout the year.  Among other events, students participate in a Veteran’s Day program, Christmas Program, Lenten Program, and on some occasions, play an active role in the school Mass.

Visual Arts

St. Joseph’s Visual Arts program encompasses a wide range of artists and mediums that allow for students to fully embrace the true nature of art – which is finding what is true and beautiful in all things.  Students explore artists like Michelangelo, Durer, Picasso and many more!  They will discover the artwork and perspectives that made them famous and be introduced to their mediums like clay, wood, metal, as well as the more typical ones like acrylic, watercolor and gouache.  This approach allows the students to expand their artistic knowledge by fully experiencing each medium and exploring all different aspects of it.

Selected students will participate in the Anderson County Youth Art Month and the Annual Diocese of Charleston Art Expo.

Students participate in weekly 50-minute art classes that run through cycles to incorporate at least 10 different mediums per age group.


Teachers at St. Joseph Catholic School are engaged in technology resources that enhance instructional strategies to support multiple learning styles and to promote cooperative learning.  SJCS uses Google Apps for Education which offers free unlimited storage and easy collaboration within a user-friendly domain.

Students utilize technology to access and analyze information using a variety of devices such as PCs in computer lab, iPads, laptops, and individual ChromebooksHandheld electronic devices, such as iPads, are used in our elementary grades (Pre-Kindergarten to 3rd Grade).  iPads offer a wide-range of education apps for these grade levels.  Students with previous exposure to this type of device can focus on developing academic skills, rather than technological skills.  The 4th– 8th grade students of St. Joseph Catholic School use Chromebooks, with Google Classroom, as part of their daily academic program.

Extra Curricular Activities

Based on the amount of student interest, we may offer the following:

Robotics Club

Rosary Club

Garden Club

Yearbook Club

Chess Club

Fitness Club

Art Club






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